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DocXtools gives you the benefit of 20 years of document mastery, right on your Microsoft Word ribbon when you need it. Now you can create, correct, and track all your legal document elements in real time. DocXtools is a family of products that includes DocXtools Companion.


DocXtools for Life Science is the best way to ensure that you file a clean submission - the first time - so that your writers and QC professionals can collaborate better, work smarter, and submit filings correctly and on time.


Contract Companion is easy to deploy and requires little to no training. Whether you are starting from a template, reusing prior work product or editing an opposing draft, Contract Companion ensures all your agreements meet your firm’s strict quality standards and your clients’ expectations of spotless work.


3BClean is the only product that gives you complete metadata protection in any situation, from e-mail over smart phones to file sharing platforms like Google Drive and DropBox. That’s because our server-based solution is agnostic to a document’s source or destination and instead focuses on the file itself.


Patent Companion monitors your document as you work, bullet-proofing your claim in real time by enforcing patent-specific requirements like antecedent basis and keeping track of wording, structure and consistency. Intuitive and easy to use, Patent Companion is the only partner you’ll need for all your patent claim drafting and approval needs.

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The delivery of complex documents is an intricate, collaborative process. Throughout the document production lifecycle, issues arise that can delay document delivery or negatively affect the overall quality of the work product. Microsystems software and services help document-intensive organizations meet the complex demands associated with document production.

Microsystems has been providing cutting-edge software and innovative technology solutions since 1995. Our programs help companies worldwide mitigate risk, create error-free documents, and enhance document production efficiency. Today, we support more than 650 document-intensive organizations across the globe, helping them satisfy the complex demands of clients and regulators... [READ MORE]

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