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DocXtools is the #1 software product for highly document-intensive businesses such as legal, life sciences, financial services, and other verticals, saving countless hours of time in managing the issues related to the authoring and production of complex documents. With simple “one-click” functions combined with highly granular control, DocXtools gives users complete control over complex document features related to formatting, styles, content reuse, tables of contents and authorities, footnotes, cross references, numbering, document IDs, and more.

DocXtools provides unique benefits to both the legal and life sciences verticals—please see below for specific benefits to each.

DocXtools for Legal

Making Word Work for the Legal Industry

DocXtools helps law firms efficiently draft and deliver documents that represent the highest quality image they want to portray by filling legal-specific functionality gaps in Microsoft Word and simplifying both the typical document drafting process and problem-solving efforts. DocXtools enables law firms to achieve greater drafting efficiency and document quality, resulting in enhanced firm productivity and client satisfaction.

Using DocXtools, lawyers and legal support teams can:

  • Draft high-quality documents faster—without advanced Word skills
  • Safely and efficiently reuse documents to prevent downstream stability issues and ensure longevity
  • Effortlessly adjust document formatting to comply with house styles without requiring advanced Word skills
  • Quickly recover from document issues to avoid impact to document delivery and stability
  • Make Word Compare a viable solution for lawyers



DocXtools for Legal – How We Help

Microsoft Word is the de-facto standard for law firms. Yet, it doesn’t fully meet the unique needs of the legal industry, so lawyers find clever ways to make Word-based workflows more efficient—sometimes with unintended document-related challenges and consequences.

This starts with the common habit of reusing an old document, which is by far the most efficient drafting approach. Add in the complexities associated with collaboration, less than expert Word skills, multiple document contributors, various file formats, as well as problematic third-party compare solutions, and the troubles escalate.

On complex matters with tight deadlines and reduced support staff, the result is often an unstable document with inconsistent formatting that must be fixed. If that document is presented to a client, the quality image the firm wants to portray is subject to question and the client may in turn ask for document production time to be discounted or even terminate the law firm. In fact, a recent ALM Legal Intelligence survey revealed that 51% of clients have terminated a law firm due to sub-par document quality or delivery.

Using DocXtools, law firms can maintain a high level of client satisfaction by ensuring safe document reuse and quick turnaround of problematic or poorly formatted documents, as well as supporting a more effective means for collaborating and comparing documents.

DocXtools for Legal – Features

As the document experts, Microsystems provides the legal industry with the leading document production and collaboration solution for effectively and efficiently turning a problematic document into a high-quality, client-ready work product.

  • Safely reuse an old, scanned, or converted document
  • Quickly convert a document from older file formats
  • More efficiently reformat documents
  • Easily build a legal-specific table of contents that survives when sent to the client or other third parties
  • Apply automated numbering to a document without having to understand complex numbering schemes
  • Build hyperlinked cross references in a fraction of the time it takes using Word alone
  • Ensure a DocID is automatically and consistently inserted in all desired documents
House Styles
  • Employ a one-click method to apply preferred branding to incoming, re-used, or externally sourced documents
  • Batch conversion of precedents or form agreements ensures a brand-approved starting point for new documents
  • Deliver a comparison output in the form of tracked changes instead of a static redline report for optimal collaboration
  • Produce consumable and familiar outputs to minimize change management and improve user adoption
  • Launch a comparison directly from Outlook or the DMS and have greater flexibility and convenience for delivering and saving document changes
  • Eliminate the need for a complex desktop add-in using Word’s engine as the primary comparison solution
  • Use Word’s engine to avoid a file format conversion during the document comparison, resulting in a more stable compare output document that is safer to reuse
  • Evaluate and repair unstable documents and restyle improperly formatted documents in a fraction of the time over manual methods
  • Employ a one-click method for ensuring document quality and stability prior to editing
  • Utilize the DocER for immediate repair of corrupt or problematic documents—in 2 hours or less


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DocXtools for Life Sciences

World’s #1 QC Checking Solution

DocXtools enhances the submission document production lifecycle by providing automation to help improve efficiency and content accuracy, reduce document rework, and ensure compliance with agency and regulatory guidelines. With improved efficiency, accuracy, and adherence to regulatory guidelines as well as decreased document problems, pharmaceutical companies are empowered to produce high-quality submission documents while reducing the risk of submission delays.

Using DocXtools, Medical Writers/Authors and QC teams can:

  • Quickly check a document for adherence to formatting and content guidelines
  • Eliminate the manual processes associated with managing abbreviations
  • Review content more precisely and efficiently
  • Create tables, symbols, and cross references faster



DocXtools for Life Sciences – How We Help

Drafting, editing, reviewing, and rendering an eCTD submission is a long and arduous process. It becomes even more complex when factoring in:

  • Strict regulatory and company standards
  • Various content sources
  • Highly intricate review and frail rendering processes

With missed deadlines translating into lost opportunity costs equaling thousands—if not millions of dollars—the urgency of delivering a high-quality document that passes smoothly through agency review is escalated, intensifying pressures on medical writers and QC.

DocXtools empowers authoring and review teams to produce high-quality documents faster and earlier in the submission lifecycle as well as complete a more precise and efficient review to ensure a smooth rendering process.

DocXtools for Life Sciences – Features

As the document experts, Microsystems provides the life sciences industry with the leading solution for improving the total submission lifecycle. Unique and highly configurable quality control review, abbreviation management, content validation, and drafting features offer simple configuration and setup, allowing for an immediate return on investment.

Quality Control Review

Quickly check a document for adherence to eCTD requirements and organization standards including:

  • Style and formatting compliance
  • Document completeness
  • PDF readiness
  • Usage of approved symbols
Abbreviations Manager
  • Automatically create a complete table of abbreviations that meets company guidelines
  • Streamline the validation of abbreviation usage, simultaneously ensuring appropriately abbreviated terms and definitions
  • Establish guidelines for abbreviation usage, including recommended abbreviations and how they should be used
Improper Phrases
  • Quickly find and fix phrases that should be avoided
  • Uncover phrases with synonymous alternatives that are commonly misused
  • Establish guidelines for the use of phrases, commonly used terms and date formats
Drafting Tools
  • Automatically create tables of contents, appendices, figures, and tables that comply with eCTD standards to avoid rework and a slowdown in the QC process
  • Create cross references more easily and efficiently than the process supported by Word
  • Access a menu of approved symbols to make sure fonts correctly render to PDF
  • Insert tables based on pre-configured formats that meet company guidelines


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