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DocXtools is a family of products that is used globally by law firms to achieve greater drafting efficiency and document quality, resulting in enhanced firm productivity and client satisfaction. Designed for authors of all skill levels, the software can be used separately or combined to achieve maximum benefit.

improve productivity

Tasks that used to take hours, now take minutes with DocXtools. Tedious and time consuming jobs such as reformatting a document; cross referencing a document; or converting a PDF to a working Microsoft Word document can now be done with unprecedented speed and ease.

ensure quality

The appearance of your documents are a reflection of your firm’s brand. Meet your firm’s strict quality standards and your clients’ expectations of spotless work.

exceptional service

We are here for you. Should you ever have a problem with a document, regardless of the cause or the complexity, just send it to our DocER. We’ll fix for you within two hours.


Identify and fix virtually any problem related to document instability in a fraction of the time, compared to manual methods.   
References REUSE
Safely reuse prior work products, scanned documents or converted documents.
docxtools_legal_compare.png COMPARE
Use and enhance the Compare functionality built into Microsoft Word. Integrate with legal document management systems seamlessly.
One button applies comprehensive style and branding to incoming, re-used, or externally sourced documents.
Automate tedious, error-prone tasks, such as creation of hyperlinked cross references, automating numbering, and adding document IDs to footers.

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Customer Testimonials and Reviews

"I already think you are the best thing since sliced bread. Great product."
~ Current Client, Large Law, East Coast

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Time Saving

Draft documents faster, smarter, and more efficiently than ever before. This means that your time can be spent crafting legal language instead of wrestling with Microsoft Word.

confidence building

Don’t let numbering, table-of-contents, and cross references interrupt your workflow. With a single click, DocXtools Companion can fix them all. DocXtools Companion makes you a Microsoft Word expert.

immediate roi

Easy to install, learn, and start using immediately, DocXtools Companion automates tedious and error-prone document drafting tasks. No more write-downs related to Microsoft Word issues.

Features (Masterful document formatting)

Copy and pasting, multiple authors, manual formatting are just a few of ways that break numbering in a document. No matter how complex, DocXtools Companion can fix them with a single click, while retaining the intended document formatting and style.

The Microsoft Word cross reference feature is frustrating and difficult to use. DocXtools Companion makes it easy to automatically create cross references, fix broken references, and identify incorrect references.

Table of Contents TABLE OF CONTENTS
Figuring out why a table of contents will not generate is complicated. There are many dependencies and everything needs to be just right. Don’t worry; DocXtools Companion has the intelligence to figure it all out and to create a perfect table of contents exactly where you need it.

If at any time you are unsure about the changes made by DocXtools Companion, then just use the Undo button or CTRL-Z to revert.

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Customer Testimonials and Reviews

"This is an amazing addition. VERY simple interface for normally challenging Word features."
~ Current Client, Large Law,Midwest 

Read More Testimonials and Reviews (Coming Soon)


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