In life sciences regulatory publishing, there is no margin for error. After your company has invested millions of dollars and years of research, medical writers and QC teams often work overtime to meet filing deadlines. The risks of delayed submissions are real and significant. Unnecessary, time-consuming re-works can be disruptive and costly.

DocXtools™ is an innovative, easy-to-use solution that applies both FDA and in-house document production protocols to find and fix any deviations. Medical writers and QC teams can enforce standards for content, style, and format in even the most complex regulatory filings. Now you can automatically and continually apply your QC Checklist standards for abbreviations, scientific symbols, cross references, tables, and more.

DocXtools is the best way to ensure that you file a clean submission - the first time - so that your writers and QC professionals can collaborate better, work smarter, and submit filings correctly and on time. 

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