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The delivery of complex documents is an intricate, collaborative process. Throughout the document production lifecycle, issues arise that can delay document delivery or negatively affect the overall quality of the work product. Microsystems software and services help document-intensive organizations meet the complex demands associated with producing high-quality documents.

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How We Help the Legal Industry

Drive Document Production Efficiency

How Can We Help You?

Microsystems software empowers the legal industry to deliver documents that best represent the quality image the firm wants to portray by eliminating the complexities associated with legal document production.

Microsoft Word doesn't fully meet the unique needs of the legal industry, so lawyers find clever ways to make Word-based workflows more efficient—sometimes with unexpected document-related challenges and consequences. Together, tight client deadlines, reduced staffing resources, and the complexities associated with reusing old documents make it difficult for law firms to turn documents around in an efficient and timely manner.

Microsystems software empowers the legal industry to deliver the highest level of client service by improving a law firm’s ability to efficiently produce high-quality legal documents.

Improve Document Quality

The pressures of today’s legal market combined with the precision, time, and skills required to draft legal documents may negatively affect a law firm’s ability to keep pace with increasing client demands and quality standards. On complex matters with multiple document contributors, tight deadlines and reduced support staff, the result is often an unstable document with inconsistent formatting. When that document is presented to a client, the quality image the firm wants to portray may now be viewed negatively.

Reduce Metadata-Related Document Risk

The proliferation of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) makes it easier than ever for lawyers to work from anywhere, but it also drastically increases the risk of a lawyer inadvertently exposing private metadata. Risks associated with metadata disclosure can lead to severe repercussions for law firms, ranging from reputational embarrassment to financial risk and even possible malpractice.

Microsystems provides the legal industry with 3BClean, the original and most highly implemented server-based metadata cleaning solution on the market, enabling law firms to collaborate safely by eliminating the risk of an unintentional metadata leak.

How We Help the Life Sciences Industry

Drive Document Production Efficiency

Drafting, editing, reviewing, and rendering an eCTD submission is a long and arduous process that is prone to problems due to its complexities. With missed deadlines translating into lost opportunity costs equaling thousands—if not millions of dollars—the urgency of delivering a high-quality document that passes smoothly through agency review is escalated.

As many life sciences organizations look to streamline the process by moving the adherence to quality standards upstream, demands to deliver submission-ready documents intensify for medical writers.

Microsystems software empowers life sciences organizations to turn around high-quality submission documents faster by eliminating the cumbersome manual processes associated with submission document drafting and review.

Improve Document Quality

The development and compilation of an eCTD submission is a complex process that is prone to a variety of issues ranging from document corruption to lack of adherence to house and regulatory guidelines. Difficult-to-identify structural and content-related document problems including broken cross references, incorrect headings, incorrect levels in the TOC, and incorrect abbreviation usage, all negatively affect the quality of a submission.

Microsystems software empowers life sciences organizations to deliver high-quality submission documents by reducing common document issues and enabling a higher level of review accuracy.

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