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Our pricing starts at the following for single-user licenses:

  • 1 Year: $84/mo.
  • 2 Years: $67/mo.
  • 3 Years: $59/mo.

 Monthly subscriptions also available.


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Features Include:

Claim Tree

  • Navigate your claims and identify issues as amendments are made.

Antecedent Basis 

  • Ensures the proper use of definite and indefinite articles in the claims, saving you time and producing rock solid claims.

Element References 

  • Finds errors and inconsistencies in reference numbering that happen during drafting and collaboration. 

Similar Spelling 

  • Patent pending feature that catches spelling errors that an ordinary Spellcheck can't by analyzing word context in your application.

Unsupported Terms 

  • Spots claim terms that haven't been defined properly in the specification allowing you to add support where needed.  



Limiting Language 

  • Locates vague , indefinite , and constraining word usage , ensuring you never use words that may cause issues down the line.   


  • Creates easy to read and review detailed reports that you can send to your associate or take with you anywhere.   

Customer Support 

  • Our world class customer support is available through live chat.

 Word Trends 

  • See what everyone else is doing!  Quickly determine if everyone or no one else is using a word in published applications.  Shows how words have been used in published patents over the last 40 years by 50,000+ other patent practitioners.   

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