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EagleEye is the market-leading, intuitive, and time-saving Agreement Checker which continually provides attorneys and their law firms with comprehensive and accurate document reviews. With a completely redesigned user interface, improvements in its settings, and a more intuitive workflow, EagleEye version 3.0 is an attorney’s second set of eyes that never tires. 

EagleEye is the most intuitive agreement-checking solution available. Documents checked by EagleEye now produce more meaningful results, consistently meeting your firm's quality standards, and enhancing your firm's ability to deliver unsurpassed client service. With no training required, users can complete common tasks in one-click, navigate through the various features without accessing the Microsoft Word Ribbon, make better decisions from the task pane without navigating to the document, and configure EagleEye to return the best results possible.

Using automation provided by EagleEye, lawyers and legal support teams complete a more precise and streamlined review of possible quality issues to:

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Most legal agreements are reviewed manually. However, even with the best intentions, manual proofreading can be error-prone—not to mention time consuming. It’s not uncommon for a lawyer to be working on a document up until the last minute. When it’s midnight and a document is due to the client first thing in the morning, the review must be both thorough and efficient. But with tight deadlines for deals of great complexity, it’s difficult to accomplish both a thorough and an efficient review when performed manually. The answer often means sacrificing quality for on-time delivery or vice versa, which opens the firm up to write-offs due to work taking longer than a client expects or even a lost client due to dissatisfaction with the quality of the work product.

Using EagleEye, lawyers and support staff can ensure client satisfaction and deal profitability by completing a more precise content review in a fraction of the time it takes to manually review an agreement.

Automated Content Review

EagleEye’s automated content review features uncover improperly defined/used terms, inconsistent phrases, references and numbering, incomplete items and editing mistakes within a document. Learn More>

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Dykema Leverages EagleEye to Drive Document Quality and Value to Clients

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"You Let What Go Out?" – Protecting Today's Transactional Lawyer

Lawyer Robert Blacksberg & ALM's Lynn Frances explore today's legal workflow trends, the associated risks and practices to improve efficiency.

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Introducing EagleEye — THE Agreement Checker

Learn how automation provided by EagleEye helps lawyers ensure completeness, accuracy, consistency and lack of ambiguity in legal agreements.

Running Time: 0:31   Recorded: July 19, 2012

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Technology Guided Drafting and Review

This webinar discusses legal workflows and the new generation of technology that enables lawyers to draft and review with precision guidance.

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Meeting Client Expectations? The Hidden Secret for Improved Satisfaction

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Training Overview

For training and assistance beyond the initial product installation and configuration, please refer to the Using, Installing and Deploying Guide and the Quick Reference Guide for the associated EagleEye version. These guides are available on the software download page.

Licensed EagleEye users may also view short, how-to videos by selecting Tutorials from the EagleEye Ribbon.